31st Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque

  • Performing arts
  • Albuquerque
  • Sat, June 09 —
    Sat, June 16, 2018
31st Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque

With the mission of preserving and promoting Flamenco’s artistry, history, and culture among both national and international communities, this Festival brings the finest Flamenco artists to Albuquerque.

For eight days each June, the National Institute of Flamenco and the University of New Mexico host the Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque, filling the city with the pulse of Flamenco, the ancient form of artistic expression of the Spanish-Gypsy culture. The lure of flamenco is its ability to explore the full range of human emotion with an intense, vibrant quality.

Flamenklórica by Compañía Vanesa Coloma

Flamenklórica is a work inspired by a time when Spanish Flamenco and tonadilla shared the same period of prominence. This show nods to the memorable artistic time in history where poetry, the artists themselves, and the their great personalities left us an unparalleled legacy that we remember today as the golden age of Flamenco.

Otros Genios by Compañía Pedro Córdoba

Javier Latorre, Tío Borrico, Chocolate, Ray Heredia, Fernando de la Morena, Vicente Amigo and Peret compose seven of the eight scenes of the show, with the eighth performer as a surprise guest.

Roble by Compañía Guadalupe Torres

Everything starts with silence and ends with silence. For a movement to have beauty it is necessary to breathe, to pause. Oaks (robles) are millenarians and silent witnesses, always remaining firm and strong in the face of adversities and caprices of the earth and life.

Con-secuencia by Compañía Alfonso Losa

Alfonso Losa comes to this show that is not a conclusion, but a starting point. He wants to investigate, through a series of passages or sequences that represent different concerns in his life.

Petisa Loca by Compañía Sara Calero

In Petisa Loca, Sara Calero and Gema Caballero have taken a new step in their personal exploration of the language of Spanish dance and Flamenco. Artists find essences, emotions, paths in a universal experience, that of women who leave a world of obligations imposed by their origin to work their own path of freedom.

Dju Dju by Compañía Isabel Bayón

Since Gypsies appeared in European culture, the unearthly has followed. Fortune telling, for example, has been one of their most immediate economical resources. At that moment, magic and Gypsy were born together.

La Familia de los Reyes by Compañía de los Reyes

Flamenco is an art of tradition, which in many families passes from parents to children as something natural, something that, as a child, seems like a game. As time passes, it becomes an indispensable and essential part of life. One of those families is the de los Reyes family, a Gypsy family that defends their racial and traditional dance.

In addition to these main performances, the Festival presents other activities such as workshops, lectures, orientation sessions, tablao performances by guest artists, and more. View the full program (PDF).


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Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque


Presented by the National Institute of Flamenco, University of New Mexico, Heritage Hotels and Resorts and National Hispanic Cultural Center, with support from New Mexico Arts, WESTAF, the Western States Art Federation, the National Endowment for the Arts, Acción Cultural Española, and Junta de Andalucía. Image: Roble by Compañía Guadalupe Torres



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