'Festival Flamenco Gitano USA 2012' in Los Angeles

'Festival Flamenco Gitano USA 2012' in Los Angeles

Los Angeles International Flamenco Festival presents Festival Flamenco Gitano in collaboration with the Bay Area Flamenco Partnership in San Francisco.

In recent years, the San Francisco Bay Area has become a major U.S. conduit for Spain’s greatest flamenco artists. […] There’s really a vibrant scene here and Nina Menéndez has become a major force [as] the producer of the Bay Area Flamenco Festival.

—NPR, The California Report

The 7th Annual Bay Area Flamenco Festival: Festival Flamenco Gitano USA will feature world-class artists from Spain, including the world premiere of the Gypsy flamenco all-star ensemble Fiesta Jerez, and the anticipated U.S. premiere of 'El Carpeta' —the 14-year-old prodigy of the legendary Farruco Family— who will appear with clan matriarch, 'La Farruca.'

The Bay Area Flamenco Festival is recognized as one of the most vibrant flamenco festivals in the United States, featuring authentic, world-renowned flamenco talent from Spain. Founded in 2005, the Festival has grown into a popular and vital annual Bay Area cultural event drawing over 3000 world music and dance enthusiasts.

Diego del Morao
21st Century Gypsy Flamenco Guitar.
On October 1st at 7 pm at Hermosa Beach Playhouse.
One of the most sought-after guitarists on today’s scene, he is known for his work with artists such as Diego el Cigala, José Mercé and Niña Pastori. Even Paco de Lucía made a cameo appearance on his recent solo release Orate (2010, Cigala Music). He is the son of the legendary guitarist "Moraíto," who along with his uncle Manuel Morao, developed the signature sound of traditional Jerez-style flamenco guitar. Diego del Morao takes that legacy into the 21st century. A visionary —Manolo Sanlucar.
¡Fiesta Jerez! Gypsy Flamenco All-Stars
A 12-member ensemble from the heart of the Andalusian wine-country.
On October 2nd at 7 pm at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center.
A return to the roots, joy and soul of flamenco. This concert, intimate, immediate, impassioned, feels less like a stage production and more like an invitation to a Gypsy family celebration in Andalucia. This brilliant 12-member, all-star ensemble from the heart of the Andalusian wine-country features artists representing several of the most important Gypsy flamenco dynasties of Jerez, including singer/dancer Juana la del Pipa, singer Enrique el Zambo, singer/dancer Kina Mendez, and dancer Gema Moneo, a rising star in flamenco.
Farruco Family: La Farruca & El Carpeta
On October 4th at 7 pm at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center.
The U.S. debut of the 14-year-old prodigy El Carpeta, and return of matriarch La Farruca /mdash;both of the legendary Los Farruco dynasty, the first family of Gypsy flamenco dance. As La Farruca is acclaimed for her elegance, her son "El Carpeta" is becoming known as the most extraordinary flamenco dancer of his generation and torchbearer for the family legacy. The youngest brother of Farruquito, he’s been teaching master classes since the age of six!

Buy tickets online or call 562-556-4824. Check out the Festival's full schedule in New York on October 5-7 and November 3rd.

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Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center and Hermosa Beach Playhouse



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Created and curated by Nina Menendez and the Bay Area Flamenco Festival. Presented in Los Angeles by Kala Koa Entertainment and the Los Angeles International Flamenco Festival.