'Script, Fractals, Topology, Hypertext and Photoliterature: Non-linear Poetics in Progress'

'Script, Fractals, Topology, Hypertext and Photoliterature: Non-linear Poetics in Progress'

A poetry event with Ramón Dachs at Instituto Cervantes New York.

Since 1978, the literary creation of Ramón Dachs has developed -without a previous purpose- in consecutive non-linear proposals in an intersection between literature, art and science (and the theory of knowledge). This session will summarize the walked path, going deeper into the most important focal points.

  1. Fractal script.
  2. Topology: The trilingual poem in Catalan-Spanish-French Blanc: topoèmologie applies topology to poetry as a generator strategy.
  3. Hypertext: The hypertextual poem Intermínims de navegació poètica is considered the first of its kind in Spain and one of the world pioneers in its genre. It consists on very brief poems in which all the relevant words are linked between them, in such a way that, click by click, a circular space for a reading emerges with no beginning and no end, almost infinite.
  4. Randomness: The combined poems of Intertarot de Marsella are a textual proposal combined with Tarot cards. Two verses are attributed to every card so that from every match emerges a different coherent poem. It is also about a circular reading experience that is endless.
  5. Photoliterature: Photography has become increasingly important in Ramon Dachs' creation, especially from summer 2011, with his work Álbum de la Antártida.
  • Literature
  • New York
  • Sep 19, 2012
  • 07:00 pm


Instituto Cervantes New York, 211 East 49th Street, New York, NY 10017

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