'Diego Velázquez, The Early Court Portraits'

'Diego Velázquez, The Early Court Portraits'

An exhibition focusing on Velázquez’s first decade at the Spanish Court, featuring the Prado’s Museum’s Philip IV (c. 1624-27).

Say, are you making a portrait or are you bringing it to life?
For this royal image is so surpassingly excellent that I would judge
the canvas to be as alive as insensible things are dead.

—Don Juan Vélez de Guevara (1611-1675), Spanish playwright. Soneto on a portrait of Philip IV by Velázquez (English translation by Enriqueta Harris).

Diego Velázquez: The Early Court Portraits has as its centerpiece the portrait of Philip IV from the Prado. The exhibition will be guest curated by Dr. Javier Portús, Head of the Department of Spanish Painting (pre-1700) at the Prado, and will also include a selection of early portraits paintings from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Kimbell Art Museum, and the Cleveland Museum of Art, as well as will offer visitors the unique opportunity to view the Meadows’s own Portrait of King Philip IV (1623-24), by Velázquez, within the context of other early works by the Spanish master.

Together these works provide an opportunity to more clearly appreciate the artist’s technique, remarkable innovation, and other distinctive facets of his style that explain his success at the court of Philip IV, one of the most discerning art patrons in the history of Early Modern art.

In addition, the Museum will organize a symposium with both national and international scholars, along with other educational programming.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. This exhibition will be accompanied by a lectures series: Velázquez: Master and Masterpieces and Velázquez and His Contemporary Painters in Seville. View Meadows’ full program of events.

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  • Sep 16, 2012Jan 13, 2013


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This exhibition and project have been organized by the Meadows Museum and the Museo Nacional del Prado, and are funded by a generous gift from The Meadows Foundation.