Kids World Cinema 2012: Korea and Spain

Kids World Cinema 2012: Korea and Spain

International short animated film festival for children with 5 screenings and craft workshops.

This showcase of international children’s films, which is now in its fourth year, allows Washingtonians to compare cross-cultural differences in the genre and to inspire D.C. youngsters through the discovery of foreign cinema. The festival targets six to thirteen-year-olds and will showcase a selection of the most significant international productions for young audiences. Each one-hour screening will be followed by a workshop and a discussion addressing the films’ cultural contexts. Age group will vary with each film and workshop.

On April 22 Sunday at 2pm: Korea & Spain Screening at the Korean Cultural Center. A craft workshop for ages 6-8 will follow to the screening (free admission; reservations required.)

Directed by María Medel, 2010, Spain, 8 minutes.
Hugo is happy playing with his tricycle, until he meets Carol. Since then, he will do anything to impress her.
Directed by Nacho Pesquera and Nacho Subirats, 2011, Spain, 8 minutes.
Yaku is a special boy. One day, somebody snatches his illusion. However, just when he thinks he has lost everything, a stranger will take him on a magical trip.
Directed by Cesar Desmond Fernández Cahill, 2011, Spain, 5 minutes.
In the heart of South Africa, Nandi and her daughter, Mbali, live on their own and work very hard on the crops. But one day their routine will be interrupted by something that will change their lives forever.
BOMA NOPIGOM DODASHA / 봄아 노피곰 도다샤 (A charm for Summoning the Spring)
Directed by Kim Soo Jung & Lee Young Jae, 2009, Korea, 7 minutes.
A young girl named Spring wakes in the night to find her dog wandering off, but when she goes to fetch him she is carried away in a magical Korean folk tale full of colorful and mysterious creatures. Will she ever get home again?
Directed by Choe Hyeon-myeong, 2008, Korea, 8 minutes.
Bulpyeoni loves to have fun, and won’t let anyone stand in her way. But when she goes to kindergarten wearing her mother’s shoes, she has to fight to get them back.
Directed by Bak Jin-ju, Bak Sae-byul, Kwak Soo-jeong, Shin Sung-eun, Korea, 6 minutes.
This playground isn’t big enough for the both of us! When a young boy in his Taekwondo uniform teases a young girl, she shows him she’s tougher than she looks, and both learn a lesson about getting along with others.
  • Kids
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Apr 20, 2012Apr 28, 2012


Korean Cultural Center, 2370 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20008

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Presented by The Alliance Française de Washington, the Embassy of Senegal, the Goethe-Institut, the Embassy of Brazil, the Embassy of Spain, the Embassy of Korea, the Hillwood Museum Estate and Gardens, the Quebec Government Office, the Mexican Cultural Institute and the Japan Information and Culture Center.

Spanish short films courtesy of Esdip School of Animation.