4th Annual Festival of New Spanish Cinema in Chicago

4th Annual Festival of New Spanish Cinema in Chicago

The energy of Almodóvar. The risk-taking of Amenábar. The unadulterated exhilaration of Buñuel. The fourth annual 2011 Festival of New Spanish Cinema unveils the next generation of Spanish film legends.

Featuring first-time filmmakers and established masters alike, the very best in contemporary Spanish cinema comes to San Juan. Join us for award-winning comedies, romances and dramatic masterpieces, and the special unveiling of a horror classic.

'With or without love' ( Una hora más en Canarias)
Opening Night: Thursday, October 27th at 8:15 pm. Also on Saturday, October 29th
Director David Serrano and actor Quim Gutierrez will be present for post-screening Q&A’s. Before Thursday screening, beginning at 7pm, the audience is invited to an opening night reception co-hosted by our exclusive wine sponsor: Las Rocas Garnacha and Martin Codax Albariño.
Directed by David Serrano, Spain, 97 min., 2010. This technically polished, fast-moving, screwball musical comedy is the third feature by successful director (Soccer Days) and screenwriter (The Other Side of the Bed) David Serrano. Beautiful married superbitch Claudia (Colombian star Angie Cepeda, Captain Pantoja and the Special Services) has been dumped by her lover, Pablo (Quim Gutierrez, Dark Blue Almost Black, Cousinhood). He takes off with his new girfriend to the Canary Islands to escape Claudia’s relentless attempts to win him back, but she soon follows, aided (for a time) by her loyal (for a time) sister Monica (Juana Acosta from the 2011 Golden Globe-winning television mini-series Carlos). Pablo soon finds himself torn between three strong and manipulative women who will do whatever it takes to get what they want. Set against the gorgeous backdrop of Tenerife and scored with catchy pop songs and colorfully choreographed musical numbers, The quirky, stellar cast has great fun inhabiting a breezy tropical fantasy about people who dream, sing, dance and fall in love.
'Every song is about me' (Todas las canciones hablan de mí)
On November 19th at 5:15pm and November 21st at 8:15pm
Directed by Jonás Trueba, Spain, 104 min., 2010. Cast: Oriol Vila, Bárbara Lennie, Miriam Giovanelli, Ramón Fontseré. This woody-allenesque romantic comedy inspired by the French New Wave, follows the story of Ramiro, an immature thirty-something wannabe poet who one day is dumped by his fiancée, Andrea. Up and coming Jonás Trueba captures the confusion of a generation haunted by music and books, by the need to find a path amidst the certainty of uncertainty and by the compulsion to find love when love has become but the topic of yet another indie-pop song.
'Who can kill a child?' (¿Quién puede matar a un niño?)
On October 28 at 8:15pm and October 31st at 8pm
Directed by Narciso Ibañez Serrador, Spain, 107 min., 1976. Once available only on poor VHS copies circulated among aficionados, this legendary, taboo-breaking horror classic’s disturbing imagery helped keep it out of easy public viewing. A Hitchcockian thriller with salutes to Night of the Living Dead and Lord of the Flies, it tells the tale of a British couple who take a holiday to a small Spanish island—an island apparently devoid of adults but inhabited by some very unnerving children, who have long stopped being fans of adults.
'80 Days' (80 egunean)
On October 29th at 3pm and November 2nd at 6pm
Directed by José Mari Goenaga and Jon Garaño, Spain, 105 min., 2010. A delightful story of illicit desire handled with warmth, delicacy and humor. Forbidden by society to develop their budding passion, childhood girlfriends Axun and Maite were forced to embark on very different paths in life. When Axun returns to their hometown of San Sebastian 50 years later, the women are reunited and given anotherchance to explore this unrequited love.
'The Great Vazquez' (El gran Vázquez)
On November 12th at 5pm and November 16th at 8:15pm
Directed by Oscar Aibar, Spain, 106 min., 2010. This madcap and amorally funny biopic dramatizes the life of the influential Spanish cartoonist Manuel Vazquez Gallego. In 1960s Barcelona, Vázquez’ characters were a huge success in the comics published by Bruguera. Meanwhile, Spain’s top cartoonist gets what he wants when he wants, artfully dodging anyone he owes money to, and marrying gaily, collecting one family after another. With a cigarette permanently dangling from his lip, Santiago Segura —better known for being the director and star of the successful Torrente saga—plays the artist with rascally energy.
'Half of Oscar' (La mitad de Óscar)
On November 5th at 5pm and November 7th at 8pm
Directed by Manuel Martín Cuenca, Spain and Cuba, 89 min., 2010. Cast: Verónica Echegui, Rodrigo Sáenz de Heredia. An exploration of family taboos, this quiet and austere third feature from Martín Cuenca (The Weakness of the Bolshevik) delves into the deepest regions of the human soul. Oscar’s routine is interrupted when his aging grandfather is moved to the hospital and his sister, Maria, whom he hasn't heard from in two years, will be coming home. Silence and subtext speak volumes in this poignant film about impossible loves.
'Lovestorming' (No controles)
On November 5th at 3pm and November 10th at 8:15pm
Directed by Borja Cobeaga, Spain, 96 min., 2010. Oscar-nominated Borja Cobeaga (One Too Many, The Friend Zone) directs this Spanish box-office hit, a fast-paced, side-splitting comedy starring sexy star Unax Ugalde in the Spanish take on The Hangover. With all flights cancelled after a snowfall, Sergio is stranded in a road-side hotel on New Year’s Eve with his ex-girlfriend and an annoying old classmate. Propelled by his friend’s persistence and assisted by an eccentric team of strangers, Sergio attempts to win back his ex-girlfriend in the countdown to dawn, when flights will resume.
'Bicycle, Spoon, Apple' (Bicicleta, cullera, poma)
On November 12th at 3pm and November 14 at 6pm
Directed by Carles Bosch, Spain, 105 min., 2010. As both the former mayor of Barcelona and former president of Catalonia, Pasqual Maragall has been a popular leader for the people of Spain. In 2007, this charismatic public figure was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Following Maragall for two years, director Carles Bosch (who helmed the Oscar-nominated documentary film Balseros) creates an intimate portrait of the man and his family. By bringing us so deep into the life of an Alzheimer’s sufferer, Bosch demystifies the disease—resulting in a documentary that’s sure to leave viewers forever changed. Sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association of Oregon
On November 19th at 3pm and November 23rd at 6pm
Directed by Andrucha Waddington, Spain and Brazil, 106 min., 2010. Cast: Alberto Ammann, Pilar López de Ayala, Luis Tosar, Leonor Watling, Sonia Braga. Almodóvar’s pet, Leonor Watling (Talk to Her), Golden Globe nominee Sonia Braga and an all-star cast of Spanish actors participate in this spectacular romantic epic with echoes of Oscar-winner Shakespeare in Love. Acclaimed director Andrucha Waddington depicts Lope de Vega, a bright star in Spanish Baroque literature, as a man ruled by his passions, and more condemned than commended for his eviscerating wit.

Admission prices: $11 General / $7 Students & Instituto Cervantes members / $6 Members. Saturday double-bill discount: Buy a ticket for a Festival of New Spanish Cinema film on any Saturday in October or November and get a ticket for a second Festival film that day at this discount rate, $7 General, $5 Students, $4 Members.

Organized by Pragda and the Gene Siskel Film Center in collaboration with Instituto Cervantes Chicago and Chicago Latino Cultural Center. Supported by Tourist Office of Spain Chicago he Embassy of Spain in Washington DC, Ministry of Culture of Spain ICAA, Iberia Airlines, American Airlines, Eurochannel and Martín Códax Albariño and Las Rocas Garnacha, our exclusive wine sponsor. Special thanks to all the venues and universities for hosting our screenings, master classes and live events.

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