Linescapes by Inés Esnal

Linescapes by Inés Esnal

In Linescapes, artist and architect Ines Esnal translates the line from the virtual realm into physical space by combining digital design with traditional printmaking techniques.

Lines define a space between one point and another. Lines in architecture are representational and virtual. They determine the use of space, define limits between materials, and form objects. Lines have the power to materialize real space: a space that remains digital until it is built. But lines also suggest geographies, weightless cosmogonies, magnetic fields or undefined structures. Lines are networks of tensions, systems of invisible codes, threads that can strangle or unchain space.

Using the language of algorithms and 3D software to define otherwise inconceivable complex spaces, Esnal plays with the print plates like pieces of a model, looking for tensions between the forms, layering moments and breaking parts.

A site-specific installation will take over parts of the Cervante’s courtyard as the ultimate result of materialized lines in space. Through lines of colored rope that wrap around the existing canopy structure, the web-like woven installation will bring to life Esnal’s printwork as it redefines the entrance to the Amster Yard building, inviting visitors to rediscover their spatial experience.

  • Visual Arts
  • New York
  • Jun 23, 2011Jul 2, 2011
  • 07:00 pm


Instituto Cervantes, 211-215 East, 49th Street New York, NY 10017

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