'La Gallina Submarina (The Underwater Hen)'

'La Gallina Submarina (The Underwater Hen)'

Marcelina the hen lived on a farm with a large pond, where ducks, swans and frogs bathed. The hen would have loved to swim and dive like them, but everyone had told her that chickens could not swim.

One day sitting on the edge of the pond, she heard a frog crying. The frog was very sad and explained that his friend Alejo the crab was gone and he did not know where he was. The hen, also very sad, told the frog she could not swim. The frog asked her to help him find Alejo the crab. If you manage to find him and bring him back to the pond, the frog promised, he will teach you how to swim.

The fantastic journey of Marcellina the hen looking for Alejo the crab will be highlighted by such children's folk songs as “El señor don Gato", "Pimpon", “Cu cu, cantaba la rana” ("Cu cu, Sang the Frog"), “Eres alta y delgada” (“You're Tall and Thin "), “A coger el trébole” (“Finding the Clover") and “La chata Merengüela” (“The Pug-nosed Merengüela"). Matina Bollaín will sing and recite this beautiful musical story for children, aided by superb illustrations of the characters in the story, and accompanied on guitar, bass and percussion by Pablo Navarro. An exquisite and endearing show.

  • Performing arts
  • New York
  • May 13, 2011
  • 06:00 pm


Instituto Cervantes, 211-215 East, 49th Street New York, NY 10017

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