Fifth Hundred Anniversary of 'La Gobernación de Puerto Rico'

The Government of Puerto Rico will hold during 2011 the Quincentenary of the Governance, in order to commemorate and recognize the historic significance of its contributions to the full development of Puerto Rican people during its five centuries of existence.

Spain will participate in this initiative due to its obvious and significative influence to the development of the Governance in Puerto Rico.

  1. International Congress of the History of Iberoamerican Atlantic Governances (Congreso Internacional de Historia de las Gobernaciones Atlánticas Iberoamericanas). This Congress gathers specialists in the History of Law, Roman Law and American History from five different countries. Its purpose is to address the evolution of the Governance as an institution in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. It will cover a temporary space from Rome until the sixteenth century, by submitting special attention to comparative Law, and thus serve to the government of the Spaniards territories and the Portuguese in the Atlantic during the sixteenth century.
    Dates and venue: March 1-4 at the Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico / Interamerican University of Puerto Rico (San Juan and San German Campus), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Ponce.
  2. Conferences 'The Governors at the time of Campeche' (Los Gobernadores en la Época de Campeche). Four specialists —Dr. Osiris Delgado, Dr. Ádám Szászdi, Dr. Istvan Szászdi of the Puerto Rican Academy of History, and Dr. Jesus Urrea Fernández, former Deputy Director of the Museo del Prado— will address various aspects of the life and work of the Spanish governors of Puerto Rico in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
    Date and venue: May 10 at Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, 299 Ave. De Diego, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00909.
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